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Theater an der Parkaue
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Letís say ordinary is different

During Berlin's winter break in 2007 eleven children and teenager researched, played and worked in an artistic way for one week (5.-10 of February) along with artists of different genres on the topic 'norm and normality'. On this website you can find the online documentation of the previous academy week. On these pages we present WINTER ACADEMY as a project as well as the specific laboratories of the second academy- each one dealing with the main topic LET'S SAY ORDINARY IS DIFFERENT.

In laboratories 7-10 Hungarian and German artists worked together with children and teenager from Hungary and Berlin. These laboratories took place in the framework of 'bipolar: German-Hungarian cultural projects'. The children and artists brought along their observations from Budapest, Győr, Debrecen, Miskolc and other Hungarian cities. In this way, mixed researching teams emerged.

Patron of WINTER ACADEMY 2 has been the author and former senator for culture in Berlin Adrienne Goehler.

Supervisor of the academy Claudia Hummel (curator) + Můnika BŠlint (curator) + Sascha Willenbacher (project manager).

Contact person for questions concerning the format of WINTERACADEMY is Sascha Willenbacher (030 - 557752 -45) or sascha.willenbacher@parkaue.de



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