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Theater an der Parkaue
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Katalin Soós

Katalin Soós
Katalin Soós was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1978. She studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and ELTE, at the faculty of social studies. Soós's works explore the relationship between art and cultural antropology. She is a painter, but also makes videos and fotoseries for her research in the preparation for her paintings. Her paintings can mainly be recognized as parts of a fieldwork about her current surroundings to understand the cultural context of the phenomena.

The paintings display various constructed spaces and particular details of these spaces. The pictures always grow out of a long process of preparatory collection work. The collecting phase has become an indispensable component of the creative process, the medium of which is photo and video. The important thing is that the elements are then forged into an organized vision. Here the medium is just a tool. Soós combines and mixes elements from her collection into new patterns by seeking out those narrow conceptual seams along which these elements touch upon one another.

Katalin Soós hat für die WINTERAKADEMIE 2 gemeinsam mit Gudrun Herrbold das Labor 7 - YOUR NORMAL FREAK- geleitet.



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