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Theater an der Parkaue
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Co-production partners

The WINTERAKADEMIE 3 was an attempt to establish the topic of translation also on a structural level. That's why we carried out an extensive search prior to the academy to find suitable partners in Vienna and Istanbul. The THEATER AN DER PARKAUE (Berlin) decided to work together with DSCHUNGEL WIEN (Vienna) and the theatre company TIYATROTEM (Istanbul).
Together we wanted the WINTERAKADEMIE to not only take place in Berlin but also in Vienna and Istanbul. It was our objective to have the academy as a whole 'translated' to its partners: all laboratories should be offered in each of the participating cities. In addition, we wanted our co-production partners to make their own contributions to the topic of translation.
By putting this concept into practice, we managed that all three partners could present a translation-related production in their respective city within WINTERAKADEMIE 3. We also managed to offer something like the WINTERAKADEMIE for the first time to the young
audience of DSCHUNGEL WIEN, even though we had fewer laboratories and in some cases different artists. In this respect, the WINTERAKADEMIE 3 was, in fact, a translation as every translation changes the object being translated.



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