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Theater an der Parkaue
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Başak Kaptan

Başak Kaptan was born in 1978 in İzmir, Turkey. She studied Fine Arts at Bilkent University and did her master in Graphic Design at the same university. She received a scholarship from DAAD to make a one-year study in Münster Kunst Akademie in 2003. Later she received post-diplome (artist in residency program) bourse from Ecole National des Beaux Arts de Lyon. She participated in many exhibitions in Germany, France and Turkey: Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin in 2006, "Rendezvous" La jeune création contemporaine - Temps 3 by MOCA-Lyon in 2005. She co-ordinated the art project "69001, Anti-chambre" working together with three other artists for the "Young Art Festival" organized by National Contemporary Art Centre in Moscow.

She participated in many video screening programmes and film festivals like 'Emerge and See' Kurz Film Nacht in Berlin, 'Festival International Cinéma Nouvelle Génération, 4e édition' in Lyon, Ausburg Film Festival, PASO Student Film Festival at Goethe Institut in Ankara, and lately "Nomad" video screening programs curated by Basak Senova in New Delhi, Cec & CaC Indian Contemporary Art Centre at Electronic Art Academy and Conscious in Coma art project initiated by Nomad in collaboration with Goethe Institute in Istanbul.

Başak Kaptan works with various materials with an interdisciplinary approach. She follows the recent debates on collective and personal memory and its relations to the public and private space. Mostly her works deal with the childhood memories, how they are constructed by the language, myths, signs and images.

Başak Kaptan works at the Cinema Department of Beykent University in Istanbul.



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