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Theater an der Parkaue
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Words of Greeting

by André Schmitz / Berlin State Secretary for Cultural Affairs

Over the last few years, the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE has become an important player, lobbyist and front-runner in the cultural education of children and teenagers in Berlin. The theatre's commitment has played an important role in ensuring that cultural education is now so high on the political agenda. With its project forms, the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE also sets new highlights in terms of content and gives fresh impetus in Berlin and beyond.

The annual WINTERAKADEMIE (Winter Academy) is a good example of this. It shows both the theatre's serious approach and the joy of working in a team together with artists, teenagers and children. The academy, in the form of a week full of art projects, offers great possibilities for all participants. The following aspects made the third WINTERAKADEMIE particularly interesting: its ambitious topic, the new lecture programme and the international dimension which led to a permanent joyful overload.

The reactions of the participating children, teenagers, artists and parents show that this week provided the participants with an unbelievable, many-layered experience, a large part of which will no doubt stay with them for a long time to come.
I am already looking forward to the next WINTERAKADEMIE and I would like to thank all participants for this wonderful week during the winter holidays in Berlin.



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