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Theater an der Parkaue
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An International Arts and Theatre Project Week between Berlin, Vienna and Istanbul

The third and so far largest WINTERAKADEMIE took place from 7 to 12 January 2008 in the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE, Junges Staatstheater Berlin, as an international arts project week in cooperation with DSCHUNGEL WIEN and the theatre company TIYATROTEM
from Istanbul. The international character of this project was reflected by its title: LET'S SAY WE TRANSLATE. The main objective of the academy week was a multi-faceted approach to translation phenomena.

122 participants examined the different aspects of translations in twelve laboratories. They produced choreographies, installations, performances, video recordings and vocal improvisations. Movements that were observed in everyday life were translated into dance, machine sequences into choreography and personal experiences into joint rituals. Social demands were translated into song and song into video, storyboards were developed and pushed through analogue and digital media, distorted and finally presented as short films.

The WINTERAKADEMIE did not, however, only produce 'artistic' translations: What happens when more than 180 people from three European metropolises, with different social and cultural backgrounds, aged between 8 and 89 meet each other for the first time for
a week of artistic cooperation? Every day, the different languages spoken and the ways of thinking of the old, the young, artists and scientists were translated.

From the start, we placed particular importance on avoiding any feeling of 'foreignness' due to the manner in which questions were asked in the laboratories, in particular considering the cooperation with the artists and teenagers from Vienna and Istanbul. We intended instead that dealing with translation processes would enable the participants to confront the issue of how it feels to be foreign or different when such concrete situations arose within the laboratory.

In order to provide different perspectives on the topic of translation, the Vienna based artist group HER MAJESTY'S SHIP developed a 'chamber of wonders' (German: 'Wunderkammer') for the WINTERAKADEMIE 3. They set up the theatre foyer accordingly and provided a media centre with translation-related texts, movies and CDs. The lectures held in the chamber of wonders – short presentations by scientists highlighting a specific 'translation aspect' – were the highlights of this project (Dr. Jan Lazardzig, Prof. Dr. Thomas Macho, Inga von Staden and Prof. Dr. Günther Tembrock).

The academy week was accompanied by guest performances from the cooperation partners who also provided their own contributions to the topic of translation processes: DSCHUNGEL WIEN staged the production CHATROOM, the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE staged
FERDAUSIS REISEN (Ferdowsi's Travels) and the theatre company TIYATROTEM from Istanbul staged DER SCHATTEN DES DON QUIJOTE: WIE ERZÄHLT MAN DAS? ( The shadow of Don Quixote – How to tell it?).

The works, which were presented during the final public presentation, showed that all participants developed an awareness that TRANSLATION is not a one-way process but something permanent that changes both translator and the object being translated. This
was the main approach in all laboratories and was transformed into enthusiasm and a sheer endless variety of ideas. The participants created a wonderful, respectful, creative and curious atmosphere throughout the whole theatre. They managed to set sail and to move
and translate the theatre.



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